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Kids Running

Support for Parents and Carers

Are you considering whether your child could be autistic or have ADHD?

Are you on a waiting list for an assessment but struggling whilst you wait?

Has your child received a diagnosis and you feel you need additional support?

Perhaps you are trying to manage challenging behaviour or your child is unable to attend school.

Each morning you see your child struggling with overwhelming emotions, finding it hard to leave the house or manage in school. You notice that they find relationships hard and always seem to be 'different'. This can lead to frustration, aggression, anxiety, withdrawal and often as parents you take the brunt of this. You are exhausted and finding it hard to know what to do for the best, your life has been turned upsidedown and you just don't know who to turn to. Many parents worry about being judged, criticised and misunderstood. 


Contact me today and let me help you to understand your child's needs, identify the evidence based and effective strategies to support them and develop tools to help both at home and school.

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